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I am the one who went to Adirondack On Oct 11th. The group was small with two boys and two girls. Since there was a report in Adirondack forum saying the trail to St. Marcy was icy and muddy with snow. We changed our plan in last minute to hike to the second highest peak in NY state -Algonquin peak (5114 feet) which is 200 feet less than St.Marcy

My feeling of this hike is mixed. This is my first backpacking trip and I did enjoy a lot the gorgeous views with foliage, full moon in the sky, lakes under stars and mountains surrounding summit. However, the snow was melting, and the trial condition was terrible: muddy, steep and rocky. It is the most dangerous and tiresome one I ever had. We started at 3:00am on Sunday in order to see the sunrise on the summit. It turned out that we cannot complete the trial until 7pm. We missed both sunrise and sunset. It was total 16 hours for 16 miles. We drove back to NYC almost 2:00am Monday morning.

It was very risky hike considered the hiking timing and our preparation. According to the original plan, we were hiking in daytime, so I did not prepare head light and trekking pole. It proved it was a very bad idea to hike in an unknown area in darkness without sufficient equipments. I fell from a small rock and hurt my knee. An unlucky guy fell straightly from a big rock and had a bloody face. We also run out of water and food during the trip. We had to drink the water from mountain streams (it sounds romantic now but not at all at that time). Fortunately, Toronto group helped us out by guiding us through a cliff bridges and rocky surfaces in darkness and lending me a trekking pole as well. Otherwise, I might not see you guys here again. I was so released when I finally lied on my bed last night. Thanks god, I am still in one piece.

As for sleeping over, forget about camping on summit. It is illegal. We stayed in a lean-to ( a woody cabin) 6 miles from the mountain foot and shared it with 7 other hikers. The temperature was not bad so I managed to sleep with my sleeping bag, ski pant and coat. Some hikers snored loudly which was funny.

Lessons to learn:

1. For backpack, do not change the plan in last minute.

2. Equip yourself with headlight and trekking pole.

3. Do your homework on your hiking trail not just follow others words.

4. Go to somewhere you have no idea of will put your life at a huge risk.

5. No matter how beautiful the scene is, it is not worthy at the expense of your life. Safety is the king.

Enjoy hiking but be safe.

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