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By Nelson


A lot of people go to Hershey Park. Some go for the chocolate, some for the rollercoaster, and some for the waterpark. I go for the rollercoasters, and yesterday, I went on all of them. So listen up, as I tell you about the things I did at Hershey Park yesterday.

It all started with the preview. My aunt, my grandma, my cousin, and I went to Hershey Park at 8:00 pm for a preview of the park (We would have gone earlier, but the earliest that we could go for a preview was 7:30 pm). But when I say preview, I mean that we got to go on the rides. When we finally got into the park and had to choose what to do first, I suggested the only thing that I wanted to go on at that moment, is Skyrush. Now, at this point, when my cousin saw Skyrush, he thought that it would be really fun. So after the 1 hour wait, it was finally time for us to get on the rollercoaster.

My aunt was too scared to go on and my grandma was obviously too old to go on something like Skyrush (No Offense). So I had to go on with my annoying cousin. My aunt wanted us both to be in the middle because the 2 side seats hang over the edge of the rollercoaster tracks. Unfortunately for her, there was only 1 middle seat left at the time. So my cousin chose to sit in the middle and I got to sit on the edge. As soon as the rollercoaster started to go up, I suddenly got really scared. As in, even more scared than before. The ride went to the top of the 200 foot track in about 10 seconds. For a rollercoaster, thats really fast. As we got to the top, all I had time to think about was Oh man, why did I suggest riding this thing?, and then we were off. As soon as we started to go down the track, I got that usual uncomfortable feeling in my stomach. We went down so fast that I thought for sure that we were going to smash into the ground (We got up to 75 mph). Then, just as I thought that we were going to crash, we went up again so suddenly that I smashed my head against the back of my seat. We kept going through these unexpected changes in speed and direction for the rest of the ride. There were even a few loops!

As soon as we got off Skyrush, all my cousin could say was That was so scary! When we met up with my aunt and grandma, we decided that our next stop would be to ride Comet. Comet also had about a 1 hour line, and when it was time for us to board the rollercoaster, I was thinking that this ride would be boring because it was made out of wood and the carts were low-tech (Usually, if a rollercoaster is dangerous or scary, the rollercoaster will have high-tech carts to prevent you from falling out.). Well, I wasnt exactly wrong. I mean, it was fun, but it was nowhere as scary as Skyrush. There were no loops and there were not huge drops. Despite that, my cousin thought that it was fun. I, on the other hand, thought that it was fun, but not scary. So for me, it wasnt as fun as I wanted it to (I think that a rollercoaster has too scary in some way to be considered fun).

After we got off Comet, I saw that there was a rollercoaster that had twists, turns, sudden drops, and loops called the SuperDooperLooper (It was actually called the Great Bear, but we didnt know that at this point). At this point, my cousin didnt want to go on any other rollercoasters. However, my aunt made him wait in line with us (Again, she was also too scared to go on with me). The line for this rollercoaster was only 30 minutes. During those 30 minutes, my aunt and I kept trying to convince my cousin to go on the rollercoaster with me. He kept stubbornly refusing and eventually threw a temper tantrum (It was kind of funny). When it was time for me to go on the rollercoaster, I saw that it had low-tech seats. So, I tried to convince my cousin that the rollercoaster wouldnt be scary, otherwise they would have high-tech seats. He still refused to go on. So I went on alone again. You would think that all those twists and turns and loops would have made this a fun ride, but your wrong, there was only 1 small drop off, 1 loop, and no twists. It was incredibly boring.

At this point, the park was about to close (Hershey Park closes at 11:00 pm on Saturday), so my aunt, my cousin, and I set out to find my grandmother. We kind of felt bad for her because she couldnt go on any of the rides. She had been sitting on a bench for 2 hours straight waiting for us to finish. When we found her, we still had about 30 minutes until the park closed; therefore we didnt have enough time to go on another rollercoaster. So my aunt suggested that we go on some kiddy rides. Obviously, we rejected the idea because kiddie rides are boring. So, we took the 30 minute drive back to our hotel and prepared to leave for Hershey Park again early the next day.

The next day, we got to Hershey Park at around 9:00 am for a good parking spot (Hershey Park opens at 10:00 am on Sunday. But, because a lot of other people had the same idea, we still had to wait about 30 minutes after the park opened to get into the park itself. When I said that I wanted to go on the rollercoaster with the twists, turns, sudden drops, and loops, we went on the wrong rollercoaster. The name of the rollercoaster that I had wanted to go on was called Great Bear. SuperDooperLooper was another rollercoaster! So, I forced my aunt to take us to ride the Great Bear as soon as the park opened. After she agreed, I asked my cousin if he wanted to go on it. Again, my cousin chickened out, so I had to go on the rollercoaster by myselfagain. When the rollercoaster starts, it goes up and then levels out for a second to make the sudden fall after unexpected. There were twists and turns and drops and loops the whole way. After I finished it, I knew that I just had to ride it again. The combination of twists, loops, and drops makes it really fun. My aunt let me because it was still early in the day, so there was only a short line. After the second time, I asked what we should do next. She suggested rollercoaster called Trailblazer. I said agreed with her because it looked like a lot of fun on our park map. When we got there, we saw that there was literally no line. So we got to go on in about 30 seconds. All I can say about Trailblazer is that it was a disappointment, there no twists, no loops, and no drops. All it had were a few turns that were at a steep angle. The ride itself went to a maximum speed of about 20 mph. But my cousin actually enjoyed it! Actually, Im not surprised because hes scared of any rollercoaster with a loop or twist. So he basically could only go on the boring rollercoasters and kiddie rides. My cousin actually forced me to ride the boring old ride again!

After Trailblazer, I asked my aunt to look at the park map to see what we should do next. I saw that the rollercoaster called Storm Runner looked kind of fun. When I got to the ride, I recognized something; I had been on it before! My summer camp, Camp Green Lane, had taken a field trip to Hershey Park and my group actually went on Storm Runner. However, I still wanted to go on it because I had forgotten what it was like. When it was my turn to go on, I realized that the rollercoaster had high-tech carts, so I got butterflies in my stomach. When the ride started, I (My cousin chickened out AGAIN!) noticed that the ride went about 20 meters then stopped. A voice then said, Get Ready, because here we go! As soon as the voice said go, we went from a dead stop to about 72 mph in 3 seconds. We shot up a 150 foot ramp with a twist at the top and shot down even faster. The whole ride was full of twists and turns and even a few loops!

After Storm Runner, I remembered that my aunt promised to take me to Sidewinder. When I reminded her, she said that we were going to go there next. The line there was about 20 minutes, so I (My cousin also chickened out on this one) got on pretty quickly. I got pulled up a 117 foot ramp (I looked it up online) and then we were released. We shot down the ramp and were gone up 3 loops while twisting. Then, we hit another hill. We were pulled up facing backwards and then released. We then went through the same thing that we did the first time, only backwards! When I got off, my aunt asked me, How was it? I answered, The only time that its scary is when youre being released for the first time because your stomach feels weird. But after the first release, you dont feel your stomach for the rest of the ride.

After riding Sidewinder, we all went to ride Wildcat. Wildcat was a rollercoaster completely made out of wood (Well, it was mostly made out of wood) and it was very bumpy. This time, my cousin finally went on with me. We waited in line for about 10 minutes for the front seat. We were pulled up a hill and then went down at about 40 mph. The ride was so bumpy; it felt like I was in a washing machine. After riding it once, my cousin and I decided to ride it again. The second time, we also rode in the front seat, but my cousin wasnt as scared (But he was still really scared).

After riding Wildcat 2 times, my cousin and I went to ride Lighting Racer. Lightning Racer actually had 2 rollercoasters racing next to each other at the same time. But the downside is that Lightning always wins, so its not really the competition that makes the ride fun. We had to wait in line for about 30 minutes for this ride. When it was time for me and my cousin to ride the rollercoaster, we were pulled up a big hill and then released. There were no twists and turns, only drops and well, drops. There was nothing special about Lightning Racer other than the fact that at some points in the ride, you feel like you are going to hit the other carts that are racing besides you.

After Lighting Racer, my cousin said that he was hungry, so we went to get some food to eat. My grandmother had our food, so we had to find her first. The only problem was that she was sitting on the other side of the park waiting for us. So, it took us about 10 minutes to find her. After eating, we decided that it was time to go to the water park. But, my grandmother left my bathing suit in the car and brought my regular shorts. So I decided that I would just wear my regular shorts in the water. The first water ride that we went on was Tidal Force. It took about 45 minutes to get on the ride. Tidal Force is a ride where you are in a boat and a machine pulls you up a hill. Then, you go down the hill really fast and hit the lake below creating a huge splash; soaking anyone in the vicinity. There is even a sign that says, Warning Riders will get soaked on this ride!

After going on Tidal Force, my cousin and I went to ride Whirlpool. Whirlwind is a water slide that requires you to be a single or double tube. You go down the slide with your partner (Requires a double tube) or by yourself. Then, you hit a giant bowl-like thing. You go around it for a while and then fall into the middle of the bowl. You then hit another tube that takes you to the pool at the bottom of the slide. However, it took about 20 minutes to get a tube and another 30 minutes to get on the ride because we rode this at around 3:00 pm (People always go to the waterpark to cool off at around 3:00 pm).

After riding Whirlpool, my cousin and I went to ride Vortex, which is right next to Whirlpool. Vortex is a slide that requires a huge green circular tube. The ride also requires 2 people, so I had to go with my cousin. Vortex starts out as a regular water slide. But at the end, you are shot into a huge cone. You and your partner ride up and down the sides of the cone until you hit the bottom. The bottom leads to another pool that is to the left (From the riders point of view) of the Whirlpool pool.

After my cousin and I rode Vortex, we decided to go to the wave pool. Obviously, the wave pool is a pool that generates waves. I went to the deep end and my cousin stayed back. He tried to come up a few times but I had to keep pulling him up because he couldnt jump with the waves. No, I should say that he didnt know how to, even though I kept trying to teach him. But I cant really blame him. After all, it was his first time in a wave pool.

After going to the wave pool for about an hour, I decided that I wanted to go on Tidal Force again. But this time, the line took about an hour, so my cousin didnt want to come with me. After I rode Tidal Force again, I went into the changing room and got changed into dry clothes. Now, up to this point, my grandmother had only ridden 1 ride, the Ferris Wheel (She rode it while my cousin and I were at the water slides). So, my aunt wanted us to ride the water coaster with her because it was very boring and wouldnt give her a heart attack. Unfortunately, we were forced to not ride it because we were all already changed (I should say that my cousin and I were already changed because my aunt and grandmother didnt get wet) and the water coaster got you wet.

After turning back from the water coaster, I decided that I wanted to ride the Great Bear again. On the way back to Great Bear, my aunt asked me to take my grandmother to try Trailblazer. She really enjoyed it.

When I got to the Great Bear, my aunt told me that my cousin wanted to go drive the go carts (The go-cart track is located near the Kissing Tower). My aunt told me that she would be waiting for me at the exit and grandma would wait my cousin on the exit of go carts. When I got to the Great Bear, I chose to wait for the front seat, so it took me an extra 10 minutes. When I got off, my aunt told me that my cousin had gone ahead without me (Impatient fatty). So we waited for him to come back, and then we all went to drive the go carts. We all chose to drive the NASCAR models first, and then drive the CLASSIC models next.

After driving the go carts, my aunt told us to go ride the Kissing Tower so we could get some photos (The tower goes high above the rest of the park). The only good thing about the ride was that we were inside a room, not standing outside hundreds of feet in the air. After riding the tower, we went to ride a gondola that took about 20 minutes. My aunt is so fat that I thought the gondola was going to fall.

After riding the gondola, we decided that it was time to leave Hershey Park. So, after relooking at the facts, I can truthfully say that that was one of the best days in my life. I think that Hershey Park is a wonderful place. I have been there many times, and I am planning to go there again very soon. I hope that youve enjoyed reading about my day at Hershey Park and I hope that you will make plans to go there.

Tips and Information

Hershey Park is divided into 8 main areas. The Hollow, The Boardwalk, Music Box Way, Midway America, Pioneer Frontier, Minetown and Founders Circle. The Hollow has Skyrush, Comet, and Superdooperlooper in it. The Boardwalk has most of the water rides in it, while Founders Circle is full of kiddie rides. Minetown has Great Bear, the Kissing Tower, a go-cart ride, and an arcade. Pioneer Frontier has Storm Runner, Trailblazer, and Sidewinder. Music Box Way has a music box theatre and some kiddie rides. Midway America has Wildcat and Fahrenheit. ). If you plan to go to Hershey Park, I would recommend getting to the gate at around 9:00 am to 9:30 am for good parking spots and good spots in line for rollercoasters such as Skyrush. I would also recommend getting preview tickets. This way, you can ride more rollercoasters (or water rides). As soon as you get into the park, head straight to The Hollow to ride Skyrush, Comet is optional. Then turn into Minetown (I would recommend riding the Great Bear first). After riding those rides, go to Pioneer Frontier to ride Sidewinder and Storm Runner (Trailblazer is not as fun as it seems). Then head straight to The Boardwalk and Midway America. Ride all the rollercoasters there. By this time, it should be around noon, so go eat lunch. After lunch, the park should be pretty crowded. Go ride Whirlwind and Vortex as soon as possible. Otherwise, you will have to wait over 1 hour to get on those rides. Then, go ride Tidal Force. It might be a 1 hour wait, but it will be worth it. After that, you should go to the wave pool. By this time, you will have ridden all of the fun rollercoasters and water rides. So feel free to go back to any of the rollercoasters or water rides that you have already been on. From there, you can do whatever you want. Have Fun!

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