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China is a large country with ancient civilization. But by the reason of history, the expansion of population and the unbalance distribution of resource, some area stay in poor condition seriously. The country's poverty-stricken areas are in great want of educational fund. Every year there are millions children at school age are forced out of school for the reason of poverty.

When the people live in a life putting on a facade of peace and prosperity in the city. We can't help to focusing to the country, have a look to the children in there. They are as same as our children or ourselves when we were young, having the same right to education and living. They stand outside of the school, open their eyes. Those eyes transmit the yearning to us, they want back to school, and they want to grow up as us being an education and acknowledge people, having values for our country, for this world. They also yearn to change the poverty and backward of our country with acknowledge.

China Youth Development Foundation initiated the Project Hope, a social welfare program, in October 1989. This project is to safeguard the children in poor areas realizing nine-year compulsory education and basically eliminate illiteracy among young people by the year of 2000. In line with government policy of raising educational funds from a variety of sources, the Project Hope mobilizes Chinese and foreign materials and financial resources to help bring dropouts back to school, to improve educational facilities and to promote primary education in China's poverty-stricken areas.

By the end of 1996, the Project had provided 1.55 million school dropouts the opportunity to return to school, sponsored the construction of 3,634 Hope Primary Schools, and given to Hope Special Scholarship to 5,426 high school and college students.

We appeal more and more Chinese take part in this program. Give the hand to help saving the children, that is also with the meaning of saving ourselves. Someday, the children whom we help today will grow up, they will create a much more beautiful living environment with their education together with our children. We will live in this environment.

Level of Sponsor

  • Sponsor a school dropout to complete primary education

    A lump-sum donation of 400 RMB(approximately US$50) will cover the cost of books and supplies through his or her elementary schooling. Receipts will be sent to donors when the donation is put into our computer system. Selection of beneficiaries is done twice a year, in February and August. Donors will receive a pairing certificate afterwards. Donors may correspond with the beneficiary throughout the student's career.

  • Sponsor renovation or the construction of a Hope primary School

    A donation of 100,000 RMB(approximately US$12,200) will cover the cost of renovating and refurbishing a school. 200,000 RMB(approximately US$24,400) will cover the costs of building a school. Donors may specify the village where they wish to build the school. CYDF is responsible for coordination between its branches at provincial level and local authorities. The school will in turn be named after the individual or company donor. A monument will be erected to commemorate the donor, who may correspond with the school.

  • Sponsor a Hope series

    Each series contains 500 books in the fields of humanities and natural science. A donation of 3000 RMB (approximately US$400) can furnish one Series to a village school. Donors may specify the place they wish to receive the books. In turn the donor will be remembered by the inscription of his or her name on every volume of the Series.

  • Set up Project Hope Award for Outstanding Teachers

  • Set up a Project Hope Training Base for Teachers across China

To make a donation, you can do by any of following:
  • Send a traveler's check
  • Transfer the amount from your account to the Funcdation
  • Visit the Fundation's office building yourself or let your friends do it for you
Be sure to:
  • Annotate if you'd like your name and other informations published
  • Send your name and address along with your donation
  • Annotate your donation perference if you have any
  • Put down your donation number if this is not your first time to donate
Foundation Contact Information

  • Mailing Address
    A-1 Houyuaneisi Hutong, Jiaodaokou Nandajie, Beijing, 100009, P.R.China

  • Telephone
    86-10-64035547 or 86-10-64033904

  • Fax

  • Banking Account in US Dollar
    Name of Account: China Youth Development Foundation
    Bank Name: Banking Department, Head Office of the Bank of China
    Account Number: 71411087
The Area Need Help

  • Sichuan Province (Map Point 22)
  • Guizhou Province (Map Point 23)
  • Yunnan Province (Map Point 24)
  • Gansu Province (Map Point 27)

Please help a child finish his or her elementary education, that just cost you US$50.