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Name of Guest 23: lei
Sign Date: 5/8/2007 11:48:20 PM
Guest Notes: please count me in for 5/12 camping. thanks a lot.

Name of Guest 22: jerry
From: fort lee, nj , usa
Sign Date: 3/15/2006 12:16:54 AM
Guest Notes: 岁月不留白,为自己活着才是.

Name of Guest 21: Maleo_Dong
From: Auckland , New Zealand
Sign Date: 6/29/2005 12:40:09 AM
Guest Notes: Private

Name of Guest 20: blueben
From: Beijing , China
Web Site:
Sign Date: 3/3/2005 5:47:28 AM
Guest Notes: Great articles and amazing pictures. Two thumbs. Wanna see more... 细腻平和的文字,优美的图片.很了不起.期望能看到更多.

Name of Guest 19: ANNE
Sign Date: 2/22/2005 7:30:35 PM
Guest Notes: AHELLO

Name of Guest 18: Charles
From: New York , US
Sign Date: 2/13/2005 4:47:18 PM
Guest Notes: Your diary and the background music impressed me very much.

Name of Guest 17: nobody
Sign Date: 12/14/2004 10:24:37 AM
Guest Notes: Private

Name of Guest 16: Sean
From: Beijing & Philadelphia , China & U.S.
Sign Date: 12/4/2003 2:19:35 PM
Guest Notes: Private

Name of Guest 15: xiaohan
From: New York , USA
Web Site:
Sign Date: 11/17/2003 5:42:20 AM
Guest Notes: I love your essay and photography too. reading them and watching them make me felt to come back again and again... Thanks your lovlly and beautiful working.

Name of Guest 14: wuliao
From: GZ , China
Sign Date: 11/16/2003 4:09:35 AM
Guest Notes: xiao li fei dao

Name of Guest 13: Qiang Wang
From: Philadelphia , USA
Sign Date: 11/14/2003 1:29:59 PM
Guest Notes: I like your article

Name of Guest 12: confuse
From: LA,Beijing
Web Site:
Sign Date: 2/12/2003 2:46:15 PM
Guest Notes: 呵呵,我来捧捧场

Name of Guest 11: Andrew Yu
From: Guangzhou , P.R.China
Web Site:
Sign Date: 1/24/2003 11:36:50 AM
Guest Notes: Nice to hear from you while i am travelling in vietnam, how do you get to my homepage? if from ctrip, u can also view my photos and itineraries on that. Please contact me by email, also, your hompage is nice. :)

Name of Guest 10: passenger
Sign Date: 12/7/2002 11:31:47 PM
Guest Notes: read them, feel it. how are you now?

Name of Guest 9: Tomas Li
From: New York , US
Sign Date: 12/6/2002 3:13:23 PM
Guest Notes: Nice work. Very clean web design. I like it. Surprised to find project hope information in your site. One small request, what is password needed to access the photo section? Cheers!

Name of Guest 8: Chris
From: Washington DC , USA
Sign Date: 11/19/2002 2:35:02 PM
Guest Notes: Private

Name of Guest 7: Richard Liu
From: Houston , USA
Sign Date: 12/6/2000 10:45:26 AM
Guest Notes: Private

Name of Guest 6: Elizabeth Parrott
From: Southfield, Michigan , United States
Sign Date: 11/9/2000 9:46:48 AM
Guest Notes: You have a nice website. I hope to visit it again someday.

Name of Guest 5: Richard Li
From: Chicago , USA
Sign Date: 6/13/2000 6:30:23 PM
Guest Notes: I hate why in "how did you find us?" doesn't has a item: Old friend. I forgot how long I didn't touch your home page. But it's better than before. I know you still keep working on that. Good job. I change my mind that you should open a web page for Chinese and all our comrades. ***.com is favors for all of world so far. Pay attention on that you will be famous. Forgot be a writer. Richard

Name of Guest 4: DingLei
From: Wuxi JiangSu , PRC
Web Site:
Sign Date: 10/4/1999 5:52:07 PM
Guest Notes: I guess you are not the one who interested in MCSD!

Name of Guest 3: Ronn Seow
From: Singapore ,
Sign Date: 2/25/1999 4:54:29 PM
Guest Notes: Private

Name of Guest 2: Bill
From: Ithaca, NY , USA
Sign Date: 2/20/1999 2:36:23 PM
Guest Notes: Private

Name of Guest 1: Bryan
From: San Francisco , USA
Sign Date: 2/19/1999 9:21:48 PM
Guest Notes: Private